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Increase sales and improve operations with a comprehensive sales software

Simplify your operations, increase sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Upsell.

Why Upsell

Tailored sales system


Manage your restaurant

Good user experience isn't only for your customers. Our user-centric dashboard makes it a breeze to work with products, branches and more.


Manage orders

With our integrated system, you can track the status of orders, from creation to delivery, no matter where you are.


Payment integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading payment providers, ensuring smooth transactions for your customers. We're continuously expand our network by connecting to new payment options, so your business can easily integrate with new payment providers.


Comprehensive reports

Our detailed reports provide valuable information on sales trends, down to 30-minute intervals. Discover which products are selling, when they sell best, and where the demand is coming from.

Boost sales with customized offers and upsells

Customized prices and add-ons for your customers

With just a few clicks in the dashboard, you can add products at special prices and create personalized upsells. Want to offer an additional sides at a 40% discount? No problem with Upsell.


More sales and higher margins

Analyze offers to maximize each customer's purchase. For example, on average, 1 out of every 4 customers adds an extra item to their cart when presented with tailored offers before checkout, resulting in a 10% increase in each order. Increase customer spending with personalized upsells and promotions.



Smart insights into your business

With the Upsell dashboard, gain valuable insights into your operations. Easily manage orders, customers, and products through a user-friendly interface. Designed to provide you with actionable data, Upsell dashboard empowers you to increase sales and accelerate growth.

Effortless order management

From order placement to fulfillment, keep all your orders organized in one place.

Sales history

Efficiently access comprehensive reports and customer transaction history to optimize your operations.

Customizable for your operations

Upsell offers a tailored interface and setup designed specifically for your business.

Upsell pos

Efficient checkout with Upsell POS

Our POS system ensures fast and seamless checkout with an outstanding user experience. Simplify your business operations with comprehensive sales software.

More features

Upsell empowers you to streamline your operations with value-adding features.

Upsell QR codes

QR code ordering

Save time and hassle with Upsell's QR codes. Customers can easily place orders by scanning QR codes, initiating a seamless ordering process. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen after payment.

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Upsell Widget

Setup online ordering in minutes

Upsell provides ready-made widget, allowing you to set up your own online store with ease and little effort.

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Upsell Giftcards

Gift cards and vouchers

Easily sell gift cards and provide store credits to customers through the dashboard. Customers can then redeem these gift cards on your website, linked to their phone numbers.

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Custom built website

Customized websites integrated with Upsell

With Upsell, you can build your own website and connect it to our web services. This allows you to create a unique purchasing experience that suits your specific needs.

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Kitchen display

All orders in one place

Whether you receive orders online, through the POS system, or via the app, they can be sent to one or multiple kitchen displays. We assist you in setting up an order screen that perfectly fits your workflow.

Any questions?

If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to reach out. We'll respond as quickly as possible.

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Simplify your operations, increase sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Upsell.

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